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USA Sponsoring A Second Genocide In NIGERIA:Dont Sell WARPLANES To Buhari-IPOB Warns

The indigenous people of Biafra have written an open letter to the United States of America, stating their collective discontents over the US warplanes the federal republic of Nigeria intends to acquire.
The people of Biafra who were victims of genocide in 1967-1970 said that America would be guilty of another genocide if they should sell any weapon to Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari. Read the letter below…
One of the things that has glued permanently on the mind of every Biafran is the memory and imagery of the genocide of 1966-1970. Personally, I feel a heavy burden right inside me whenever I try to imagine what our people actually were forced to experience because of the conspiracy and hypocrisy of the world.
The insomnia that torments me whenever I think of the millions of kids that were starved to death simply because they cried out for freedom makes me hate the reason for human existence.
How our brave men and renowned intellectuals were rounded up and massacred in the enclave called Biafra- where they’ve gone to seek refuge from those who were jealous of their brilliant and industrious nature triggers the spirit of revenge in me.
The disdain I have for the rest of the world who supplied the weapons for the mass destruction and extermination is unimaginable, and to think that a whole United States of America is about to sell arms and war planes to a man who rose to ranks in the Nigerian military because of his infamous role during the Biafra genocide resurrects a deadly tsunami inside me.
Not only was Muhammadu Buhari recognised as one of the most notorious masterminder and accomplice of the genocide that can be compared to the Holocaust, he also goes across the globe boasting about his atrocious acts like a psychopath.
He even threatens Biafrans of a repeat should we dare raise our voices again screaming for our freedom. For the past one year since Buhari was elected as Nigeria President, about 2000 Biafrans have approximatetly been killed at his order by his trigger-happy security agencies while thousands of other activists are rotting away under incarceration in various Nigerian prisons.
We have been made strangers in our own land even as Buhari has declared a State of Emergency on us. We are being stretched to the limit of elasticity of our trademark regarding our patience and peaceful approach of our agitation, and we are gradually approaching the irresistible breaking point.
America should know that we are still betrayed by their astounding hypocrisy and their lukewarm attitude during the Biafra genocide which claimed the lives of about six million Biafrans.
There is no reason whatsoever, justifiable for America to sale their war planes and ammunitions to Buhari whose atrocious human rights abuses has multiplied within one year of his inception as Nigeria President more than the cases recorded by his predecessor within six years.
During an interview with an Al-jazeera journalist, Buhari refused to watch a video where his military who are supposed to be fighting Boko Haram in defence of innocent citizens, were caught on camera where they surrounded hundreds of unarmed Biafrans praying in an open field, positioned themselves as if they are in a war front and started shooting sporadically which resulted to the death of many.
The worst part is that after committing these atrocities, Buhari would order his henchmen to bury those killed in mass graves and apply chemical substances on them so as to avoid any form of evidence during investigations by the few outspoken Human Rights Organisations in Nigeria.
For instance, the International Society for Civil liberties and the Rule of Law had in February uncovered a mass grave in the Aba city of Abia State where over 30 Biafrans who were murdered by the Nigerian forces at a praying ground on the 9th of February were heartlessly dumped in a mass grave, with chemical substances applied on them to avoid traces and a resultant odour.
Similarly, in March this year, several corpses of Biafra activists whom Nigerian army opened fire on while they were celebrating a court injunction which granted Nnamdi Kanu an unconditional release on the 17th of December 2015, were discovered where they are dumped and abandoned in a mortuary located in Anambra State by the Nigerian military after which their various families identified their bodies and carried it home for burial.
Buhari shouldn’t deceive America into selling him weapons under the guise of fighting Boko Haram which he-Buhari claimed earlier this year to have defeated. Buhari can never fight Boko Haram because he was once a Boko Haram activist who lambasted previous administrations for destroying the strongholds of the terrorists which made Boko Haram to honour him as their chief negotiator.
Buhari once labelled Boko Haram as his brothers. So if America really want to get rid of Boko Haram, they should pressure Buhari to order his brothers for a cease fire because as long as the sponsors of Boko Haram remains in power in Nigeria, the international communities will always be fooled into granting lucrative aids to the Nigerian government in the name of fighting a terrorists group that has a severe political and religious undertone.
I want America to know that Buhari is not asking for weapons to fight Boko Haram, rather he is desperate for such in order to wage another war against Biafrans.
Buhari said during Goodluck Jontahn regime that “Military offensive against Boko haram is anti -noth” Question to America is how can one that said the above fight Boko haram? Buhari has sworn just few days ago that over his dead body should he allow the freedom of Biafrans. He knows that the freedom of Biafrans is imminent and indispensable which is why he has sworn to kill as many Biafrans as he can in order to maintain the fictional unity of Nigeria.
Now Buhari is conspiring with his ally Barack Obama to get weapons from America in order to execute his evil intentions.
Americans should know that millions of lives will be put at risk in Nigeria should they go ahead to supply Nigeria with arms and war planes. The lives of Biafrans should never be used to service the hypocritical relationship between Barack Obama and his ally Buhari.
Biafrans hold America to a very high esteem, we believe that there are still good men in America who can rise in defence of Biafrans by halting Barack Obama’s move to sell weapons to Buhari. We are certain that America will not choose to drag her name to the mud in the name of pleasing a political and religious bigot like Buhari.
We sincerely hope that Barack Obama’s unforgiveable mistake in Libya and Syria won’t be repeated in Nigeria.

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