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Two-day memorial service in honour of Boxing legend Muhammad Ali

Fans of Muhammad Ali have formed long queues in Louisville in the hope of getting tickets to the late boxing legend’s memorial service.

Several ceremonies are planned in Ali’s hometown over the next two days with thousands of locals expected to turn out to pay tribute to the three-time world heavyweight champion.

“A legend. I’m here for a legend. This man is history. Like my daddy used to take me and tell me about this man. I’m saying like he paved the way for me, so why not come and show my respects for him?” said one fan.

“He was his own man. I read the other day he was unapologetically black, and it was during a time when it was hard to be,” another fan said.

Former US president Bill Clinton and comedian Billy Crystal are among a number of high-profile speakers set to deliver eulogies during a public service on Friday.

Turkey’s President Recep tayyip Erdogan and Jordan’s King Abdullah are also due to attend.

Earlier, children honoured the former boxing great by releasing butterflies.

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