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Russia & Biafra : Tension As Vladimir Putin Is Expected To Support After Too Many Phone Calls


– Radio Biafra has launched a new pro-Biafra agitation campaign

– The UK based group is calling on its members to phone Russian President Vladimir Putin over their cause

– It is hoped that the Russian president will then step in to recognize Biafran independence

The Russian and Biafran Ties have come a long way as Russian President Vladimir Putin has openly shown support and solidarity with Biafra even after the Arrest of Nnamdi Kanu

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Radio Biafra has taken a new approach in its campaign of agitation in favour of Biafran secession from Nigeria. The London based campaign group, whose director Nnamdi Kanu remains on trial in Nigeria charged with various offences including conspiracy and membership of an illegal organization, is seeking to widen international awareness of Biafra.  Russian president Vladimir Putin. The pro-Biafra group has launched a campaign for its members to attempt to phone the controversial Russian leader who has been accused of turning his country into a police state.biafre
Describing President Putin as a ‘lover of Christians’ and the world’s leading president, Radio Biafra implores its followers to phone, SMS and email the president to make him aware of the pro-Biafra struggle. “We must continue sharing this phone flyer campaign call to Russia, call your family members ask them to call the President of Russia from tomorrow, let us pour out our grievances.” “Let us cry to him about how our parents that are being killed by the Nigerian military forces and Fulani Herdsmen, how our sisters and mothers are being raped, kidnapped and forcefully married to the Islamic, uncircumcised old men on a daily basis. “Cry to the people of Russia in regards to our brothers and sisters that were being killed unjustly just because they were Biafrans and asking for their freedom.”
Radio Biafra’s campaign to lobby President Putin runs until tomorrow and follows in the wake of the Russian leader’s annual question and answers marathon. Nearly a hundred carefully vetted questions were put to the president in an interview session lasting almost four hours, however no mention was made of Biafra or Nigeria.

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