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Prophet Cyril Ogwu to Sponsor young African Talents

Multi-national enterpreneur, entertainment icon and ground-breaking celebrity man of God, Prophet Cyril Ogwu has gained a reputation and massive fame as one of the youngest philanthropist noted for supporting raw talents in Africa, releasing contents for the biggest names in the music, comedy and movie sector. Over the last 2years, the Nigerian-born and Delta State based celebrity, Prophet Cyril Ogwu has seen incredible growth, racking up thousands of followers from around the world. It’s a major milestone for underpriviledged artists especially gospel talents in Africa. When we interviewed him today, Prophet Cyril Ogwu said:

“Any talented person when properly nurtured, has the potential to become a star. I have discovered this in my years as a talent manager. Everyone needs help, and this is why i have great passion for raw talents, especially for those who have been overlooked and disregarded in the industry. Over the past seven years i have been sponsoring a good number of talents without blowing a trumpet. I was once in those shoes and i know what it is to be multi-gifted without anyone to help you. I am therefore, soliciting the partnership of the government to make these talents attain the position they desire in destiny. This is the only way to abort crime and joblessness in our society”

Alot of persons however, have benefitted from his mentorship and support regardless of religion, sex or age. We hope other people will learn to do the same instead of acquiring wealth for their own personal aggravadizement.

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