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Nigeria Senators Divided: If U Give Boko Haram Islamic State, Give My People Biafra- Ekweremadu


A senator from the north suggested that Islamic state should be given to boko harram to stop the killings,

Senator ike ekweremadu says that his people should be given Biafra as well, and he futher states that Biafra is older that Nigeria,

ike kweremmadu sanator

A senator from the north thrown bottle water on him for mentioning Biafra,

Senator Enyinna Abaribe fought the senator from north for fighting his brother .

We got this from a user submission, we are yet to verify the information.

More Information coming soon

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  1. Yes ho^pe our ppl in senate will continue to lead us witout fear or favor, Mazi Ekwerenmadu continue your good work.

    • Hausa like killing….why will u fight someone for mentioning his own view on solution to solves nation problem….God will punish that Hausa man for stoning bottle at the Biafra man.

  2. Man Cannot Mok God Nigeria Is Not One Nation All Why People Are Fools Fulani/his Brother Go They Dont Igbo Go They Dont Ok Put Nigeria Inform No Where What Kind Of Life Is This Who Is Fooling Who God Is Watching

  3. if the apc have come open to accept bokoharam as there supporters then BIAFRA has no choice than to be restore amd have our own nation we can not eat or drink or share resources with terrorist is a taboo in BIAFRA land as BIAFRA is a spirit ‘

  4. may chukwu okeke abhama kill that hausa man,that tron can water to like.

  5. the only thing I know is that Biafra have come to stay …. no more going back because it has more foreign supporters now

  6. Nigeria is never one, letts stop decieving ourselves and wake up to the reality. All Hail BIAFRA

  7. That name Biafara is not good even though we want to split and be on our own as a nation lets change the name biafara. I am talking at the spiritual aspect though it may not make any sense in the physical but spiritually, i think i am pragmatically responsible while i am reasonable.

    Name we answer has alot of effects in ones live or as a nation. The name Bia Fara means come and be uncomfortable so lets change the name and i think we can succeed to split. If not we must always come and remain uncomfortable. Mongo park discovered river Niger and from there the nation Nigeria was named and that is the reason Nigeria is blessed with alot mineral resources.

    My speech today is for the wise and a word is enough for wise. We should not fight in ignorant let us implore God Almighty to reveal the real solution to us. There are more we need to know than these.

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