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FAKE OR REAL MILITANT? NIGERIANS GIVE FG 24hrs To Arrest Militants Interviewed By Channels TV

Nigeria has lost over 65% of her oil production to the continuous attacks by Niger Delta Militants, who youths with one grievances of the other who acquire weapons to hold the country to ransom if their demands where not met. The famous of them all being the Niger Delta Avengers have clearly stated that they are different from other militant as they are only fight a battle with the Nigerian Government who have refused to listen and meet up to the demands of this militant.

The Nigerian government has began a full manhunt and clamp down of this militant by deploying heavy military apparatus in the Niger delta, from our previous reports over 100 gun boats, 5 War ships and many other weapons have been deployed for the sole purpose of fishing out this militant who have held this country to ransom. 

Efforts has however failed because the true identity of the Niger Delta Avengers is still unknown and they are seriously taking advantage of the power of Anonymity. the Federal troupes are also not able to map out of find the exact locations of this militant.

We have also reported the emergence of over 7 different militant group each announcing her presence by blowing out an oil well of facilities, the number eight group according to our count announced their presence yesterday through a channels television interview which is unlike other militant groups.

In most cases militant of other heavily armed group who wants to pass a message don’t call for a television interview or invite journalist to their hideouts, they simply make the videos themselves and release it to the general public through maybe an anonymous channel. but this newest militant in what Nigeria are beginning to call Federal Government Sponsored Militant made their first appearance with a channels TV interview inside the creek meaning that the are known and their whereabouts can be traced and they are not scared of arrest.

Bakassi strike force2

Not just that, reports shows that the Nigerian Military are still not able to brig the rampaging Niger Delta Avengers to book even after the deployment of serious military apparatus this avenger still find a way to blow oil facilities on a daily bases amid heavy military presence.

Nigerian on social media are beginning to suspect that the recent militant group who launch their presence using a professional creek interview by channels are fake pretenders. in fact Euphemia Udanoh took to her Facebook page to say she joins her voice with other Nigerians in giving the Nigeria Military 24hrs ultimatum to arrest this new militant because there location is now known and they are guilty of carrying heavy arms and also they can not deny bombing any oil facilities of late because that is what militant do when they want the federal government to listen.Bakassi strike force

“Wait ooooo….. So this Channels TV reporter went to this so-called Calabar Creek to interview these Militants that warns Niger Delta Avengers to stop blowing up Pipelines and you tell me that FG and Nigerian military are clamping down on Militants?

Do we now have Federal government approved Militants?

Honestly, some people don’t know how to deceive others, especially the Nigerian military, bcos I suspect they are behind these masked men, claiming Militants.

If the Nigerian military fails to arrest these heavily armed men within the next 24hrs then just know that this government is involved with those behind Boko Haram, bcos these guys are not different from Boko Haram…..see their ammunition

The Channels TV reporter should lead the way for their arrest as we hope to read their next report on this…..

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