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Enugu Massacre: Buhari Placed Gov’s Call On Hold For Over 3hrs Until After Killings And Prevented Reprisal

From Oriaku Enwe Iro

Apologies to Governor of Enugu state.

There was a call made by Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to the president, he was put on hold for over an hour 15 minutes.

This call was made in the presence of 13 men and 4 women, the president aid told the Governor that the president will get back to him. The president through his aid after 4 hrs told Enugu state governor that the president will do something about it.

My relative was among the people who witness this call. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi on hearing that the police have not arrived at Uzouwani called GOC 82 division for help. He was refereed to the presidency again.

This time around, he was put on hold for nearly 2 hrs again, while waiting to speak to the president. News came in that the attack he was planning to prevent has actually taken place.

Within an hour, the commissioner and GOC who refereed the Governor to the president has mobilised their men to stop retaliation. The same way Lagos and Agatu was attacked and retaliation prevented.

I want to use this medium to apologise to the Governor of Enugu state, but I would like him to demand probe/investigation on this massacre. I will know he has learnt his lessons, if not he is still a cretin we will have for only four years.

We need to know why police commissioner and GOC need presidency order before they can protect the innocent citizens?.
We need to know – why police and military sent their men to Uzouwani after the attack to prevent retaliation?.
We need to know why a sitting Governor cannot use the support of police and military to protect his people?.

My governor, I am just apologising because l taught you did nothing at all, but as a man ” what was your PLAN B?, if presidency fail to help. You would have use the media which is FREE.

Abled men and women would have prepared to help and protect their people.

Orji Uzo Kalu, used media to avert this type of unnecessarily deaths in Okigwe during his tenure. He called his media team and went on air. His face off with Obasanjo made him bypass OBJ and went on air. Abians was forced to prepare and fulani men went back home.

Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, Buhari is a jihadist he has agenda. Don’t wait for police and military use media which is FREE.

Put the call before public media , have it taped and watched and monitored all over the world and Uzouwani citizens would’ve rushed back home in their millions to protect their relatives. The world will see how a tyrant value lives of his people.

By now people will be calling for GOC and commissioner heads and ofcourse the world would have had evidence that we have Islamic lunatic as a president.

As an incompetent governor you are, you don’t have PLAN B which is free.


Umu Igbo, by now all of you would have bought long cutlass, arms and charms. If you are still playing gentleman or woman in the face of this insanity. You will have yourself to blame.

Good day all.
Copied from Ifeoma Doris Emmanuel

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