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ECOWAS Historian Draws States’ Attention To Threats

As the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) marks its 41 years anniversary, the regional body has been identified as one that can be used to surmount the current threats and challenges of member states. 

The official ECOWAS historian, Professor Amadu Sesay, a professor of African Government, Regional Integration, Security and Peace Support Operations says they must pay keen attention to the threats in the region such as democratic reversals, large scale post election violence and massive youth unemployment.


He said such threats if ignored over a long period of time, would weaken the viability of the region especially as the economic downturn resulting from these continue to escalate.

ECOWAS is said to have recorded more positive and developmental achievements than any other regional body in Africa, but not without challenges says the ECOWAS official historian, Professor Sesay.

He believes that some threats must be paid attention to.

Professor Sesay added that these were only possible with the support and collaboration of member states.

Some of the challenges the regional body still has to tackle moving forward, according to him, are fledgling democratic institutions, undue tenure elongation by some heads of state, weak national economies, inadequate funding for peace enforcement and over-reliance on developmental partners.

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