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Biafrans Are The Bravest To Protest Even In Death: Nigerians Calls for a Replacement for Tuface After Cancellation

Nigerian music icon, Tuface Idibia, on Saturday night sparked anger among Nigerians after announcing the cancellation of his planned nationwide protest to express displeasure with the current hardship in the country and the government’s alleged indifference.

In a video on Instagram late Saturday, Tuface announced the cancellation of the protest scheduled to hold in Abuja, Lagos and other parts of the country.

Many Nigerians have expressed their dissatisfaction, insisting on going on with the protest.

One commentator says Nigerians are now under bondage if they are suffering and are not allowed to express themselves in protest.

From Kimberly Ada Biafra:

Hmmm, I heard that TUFACE IDIBIA planned protest has been cancelled, according to him, no human life is worth it.

Now, give kudos to the Biafran Protesters all over Nigeria, who have designated themselves as human shield as they are being massacred by the police and military for demanding a secession.

Biafrans never received any support as TUFACE did from the public, yet they protested unarmed to show their love and solidarity for biafra even though some of the IPOB members were killed in the struggle, it never stop them from forging ahead.

I give kudos to IPOB protesters any day, than all these rent-a- crowd for fee protesters any day.


Blessing James wrote: Only Biafrans can do it. Nigerians are fake ass hungry cowards. The strongest black people in the world remains the Biafrans. Nnamdi Kanu is the greatest!
Uche-Japan Odeshi wrote: This exactly why we BIAFRANS called Nigerians baboon and monkeys very coward I really can’t believe this? I’m still waiting for that gay that called himself charly boy or charly man alaye nonsense individuals Una Mumu just dey start.
Ariyo Anjolaoluwa Maldavoppy wrote Don’t start what you can not finish that’s a simple watch word for life…. this is quite disappointing and somebody will now come and start calling this dude all sorts of names “His a legend” “His a hero” my ass….the truth is we can never ever find the likes of #FellaAnikulapoKuti#MaximumRespect anymore true legends are gone for good.
Obianuju Glory wrote They have paid him off that’s why he cancelled the protest, why must he even lead the protest knowing fully well that he can’t complete it,the protest doesn’t worth the life of any nigeria as if u don’t know before,how dare u bring us this far and leave us just like this,aaaaahh 2baba u no do well atall kindly send me my own cut from that money u received from…………..u know what I mean naaaaa

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