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during the Premier League match between Manchester United and Huddersfield Town at Old Trafford on February 3, 2018 in Manchester, England.

Alexis Sanchez to Inter Milan. All the details

Several days ago, it seemed that the transfer of Alexis Sanchez to Inter Milan was hanging by a thread.

What is known about this deal now?

Will the transfer ever happen or is the Chilean player staying at Old Trafford?

As known now, the deal has been settled. As a result of this deal, the Chilean footballer will move to Inter Milan on loan until 2020. Still, Reds will need to pay more than a half of his regular wages.

Alexis Sanchez is staying in Serie A As reported, the legendary clubs have come to a balanced solution on this transfer. Like in many other agreements of this type, money was the makeweight.

First, Sanchez’s move was balancing on the verge of a crash because the Italians were not ready to pay the amount he would like to receive. The South American striker, 30, used to earn about £505,000 in a single week while in Manchester United.

The most significant amount that Inter offered was around £4.5 million per year compared to his well-earned £10.3 million. Is Antoine Griezmann leaving Atletico for Barcelona? The answer will wow you! In order to make up with the difference and make a breakthrough in the protracted negotiations, Reds agreed to add around 60% of his Old Trafford wages.

The Italian side insists that this move is made on loan basis and that they are not into buying the player. The footballer will remain in the Italian club until the next summer, after which he is supposed to return to England. It is interesting that the football giants have agreed on this transfer only several weeks after Romelu Lukaku also left for Inter from Manchester United.

For Sanchez, this will be a return to Italy as he spent three years with Udinese. Image: instagram.com, @alexis_officia1 Source: UGC Still, the recent season has not been very successful for the striker in Manchester United.

He has been struggling with injuries, and many fans started to question the reasonability of his participation in matches and the club.

Is the beauty Stefflon Don really in love with Burna Boy? For Manchester United, the loss of Alexis Sanchez means that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer remains with only three other strikers left: Mason Greenwood, Anthony Martial, and Marcus Rashford, keeping in mind that Martial suffered an injury in the recent match against Crystal Palace.

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