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These 6 SIMPLE strategies will help enhance your reading comprehension

The following are strategies that should be adopted to have effective reading:

1. Motivation

Motivation is one of the most prerequisite for learning. A student must be motivated by something . it is this motivation that will serve as the driving force that fuels his/her intentions to read and comprehend it also helps the student to concentrate and will retain the interest of the student. Teachers need to know ways and means of encouraging students learning and ways of motivating them. However, students differ so much in what will motivate them.

2. Goal setting

Before setting your goal, you need to ask yourself pre-reading questions. Why do I want to read? Is it for fun or to pass an exam? Your purpose for reading helps you to determine a reading schedule.

This way a student can learn to read faster and also develop a reading culture. Most students without a reading culture have ended up performing poorly in their examination. It takes discipline and determination to develop a reading culture and also to focus on your goal.

3. Conducive environment

Find a conducive environment that suites you when reading to avoid distractions.

4. Areas of interest

Start reading with a familiar topic or interesting part of the book to avoid boredom and lack of interest to enable you achieve the goal of reading.

5. Visualisation

Try to visualise your reading using visual imagery to picture whatever you have read.

6. Memorisation

This requires frequent assessment and practice to enable you to remember what has been read. You can also write a summary of what you read in your own words and try to teach other people to help you commit what you have read to memory, Which is when the information read is transferred from short term memory to long term memory.

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