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5 bad relationship advice your friends unknowingly give

As much as they mean well, not all advice is a good one, some can totally destroy your relationship if applied

Every couple has one or two friends who wants the best for them especially in their relationships and will quickly hand out advice if one is needed.

As much as they mean well, not all advice is a good one, some can totally destroy your relationship if applied. It’s left to you to know which is good and bad for you.

Inspired by SheKnows.com, here are 5 bad relationship advices your friends unknowingly give:

1. You should be with your partner all the time

This sounds like fun, but it is one of the most unrealistic things ever. You both need different lives apart to build yourselves individually. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make out time for each other but spending time apart helps you value your relationship more. Listening to friends who give you this kind of advice would crumble your relationship faster.

2. Looks are secondary

Before you and your partner became close, there was always one thing that attracted you to them, it’s very important not to lose sight of that. Looking good physically matters to some extent and it’s important not to lose that too. As you grow older with your partner it’s also important to also look after yourself physically.

3. Sex makes up the most important part of your relationship

Sex is very important in relationships but communication, respect and trust between couples are more important. In fact, this is what makes sex between couples better. Making your partner feel special about him or herself is the best thing ever.

4. You should breakup because you are unhappy with your partner

Many people including that’s a solution to finding happiness. Just because you are presently unhappy in your relationship due to some crisis you and your partner are currently facing doesn’t mean you should quit. No relationship is problem free, all it takes is the willingness of both parties involved to work towards making things better.

5. Your partner must treat you like royalty

It doesn’t mean they shouldn’t treat you as such but you have to return the favour. It’s not just about receiving all the time, it is what you are willing to give to make your relationship better than it was yesterday which includes treating your partner right.

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